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2015 Autumn show

So much was done at the Summer Show, we thought you'd want more. 

All those plants that wont be ready until the Summer is over - Autumn is the season of mellow fruitfulness. More details here: Battisford Autumn Show Guide and entry form 2015

The classes are:

Vegetables Section

5 Runner Beans
5 French Beans
3 Onions, 3” tops, for combined total weight
3 Leeks
1 Marrow
Parsnips, tops trimmed to 3”

3 Carrots, tops trimmed to 3”
1 Brussels Sprout stem
Truss of small or cherry tomatoes
4 tomatoes
1 Cauliflower
1 Brocolli
5 Radishes
Chilli Pepper in a pot
Largest Pumpkin - circumference
3 Squash

Fruit Section

3 Dessert Apples
3 Cooking Apples
3 Pears
5 Plums or Gages
Plate of other fruit

Cut Flowers Section

Vase of autumn foliage and flowers



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